Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you feel it?

Today is Imbolc. It holds the first whisper of the coming Spring. It knows the secret that Winter will not stay forever. It is a day for New Beginnings. I'm doing what I can to acknowledge this and look forward. Our ground is covered in snow and ice still but I can see that my Phlox is beginning to perk up. And any day I expect to see the first shoots of my daffodils.

In truth, my head hurts too damn much to type anything that would make any sort of sense. The headache belabored me yesterday evening and last night too. I had a respite from it for most of today, however, it seems it is back now. It is very hard dealing with small children when your head feels like it is ringing and splitting all at once. I just wish it would stop. The pain really is something. Impressive even. I'm going to go take an Excedrin. And hope. Maybe make another pot of coffee. And hope. Try not to imagine all the could be's, yet.

The Wheel of the Year turns once more toward what comes next. I would that it was starting differently for me but it is as it is.
Another Imbolc and I am here to see it - this time with a daughter in my arms. This feels right. I am so grateful for all that I have. I am ready for Spring and to see what it brings us - to see what comes next. And so it turns and turns again...


  1. I wish your head didn't hurt. :(


  2. hey - no headache since the acupuncture!!! Just back pain from the massage - lol! I go back next week so maybe???? It would be awesome if it brought part of my face back but just not having the constant facial pain and/or headache is awesome too! :)