Monday, February 1, 2010

Dealing with an Ice Storm

Didn't mean to bail on everyone but we got this crazy ice storm on Thursday and then it dropped several inches of snow on top of that on Friday. Our power went on Thursday evening and stay off until Sunday afternoon. When the power finally came back on it took until around 9pm last night to get the house warmed up to 68 degrees. My dishsoap was frozen. Most of the contents of the refrigerator had to be thrown out and the household is just 'out of sorts'. It all around pretty much sucked.

Here are some pictures:

Our home and driveway - the limbs of the tree to the right do not normally slope downwards

This limb had fallen against the back of our house - thankfully it finally fell to the ground without putting out any windows

Several piles of limbs we stacked up

This limb landed on the roof of our bathroom

The next 2 photos are from outside my son's school

Oak trees are not supposed to look like this

A stand of trees by his school

It's been a crazy few days. I'm taking today and probably tomorrow to try and get my house in order and then I'll get back to posting. Hope everyone out there is staying warm.

And be grateful every single day for your electricity.

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  1. Poor you. And those poor poor trees.

    Your last statement reminded me of the time I was at the cottage, and these HUGE t storms rolled through, and took down all these trees...and on the radio we were hearing about how no one had power..and would not for quite some time.....while we had solar. ;) And propane. Felt good.

    Glad you made it out ok.