Saturday, January 16, 2010

short one today

I'm going to start a second blog - one for all my mommy "stuff".

This blog is reserved for Kathleen stuff - with some snippets here and there having to do with the small people - but mostly it's mine.

My plan is to work on that this weekend and when I get it up and running I'll post a link in case anyone wants to take a gander over there from time to time.

This really should be in the Mommy Blog but since it's not up and going yet I'm putting it here -
I'm converting our informal dining room into a temporary play room for the kiddos. While we are working on the attic and basement and converting them into more living space (bedrooms, bathroom, REAL playroom) the short people NEED somewhere for their crap to be. And believe me - they have a LOT of crap. SO since we have 2 dining rooms (yes, I know - its an old house and evidently this is how they lived - I don't know - one is a real true FORMAL dining room and the other, off the other side of the kitchen, is for a kitchen table - informal right?) I figure I'll turn one of them into a space for the kids and most of their stuff aka crap. Since the true formal one has built-ins with lead glass and all that snazzy stuff - it needs to be the informal one. (GOD I feel really pretentious and stuff saying that.) Anyway - that is what I'm doing today.

This serves a few of purposes:
1. It gives us a place to put all their toys. Hopefully this will mean I can keep the toys from creeping all over the rest of the house. It may be a pipe dream but it's one I'm holding onto for now.
2. Piper needs a place where she can s p r e a d out and practice this crawling thing. I have 2 rugs down in there and hopefully she'll be able to roll around and practice getting up on her knees. We have hardwood everywhere - pretty yes but not too good for traction when you're learning to crawl.
3. My doing this is bugging the ever-loving shit out of my husband. I'm hoping that by doing this it will add more motivation to him to get the other bedrooms FINISHED so that all the toys can go live in each kids room and we can put our kitchen table back where it needs to be. *evil grin*

Pictures to follow.

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