Friday, January 22, 2010


Converting our informal dining room into a playroom was the best idea I've had in a long time. The kids LOVE it and Max plays in there all the time now. With Piper. Without attempting to injure her.

This is a Very Good Thing.

I promised pictures and I will tell you all right now that I suck at actually uploading the things and saving them and all that so sometimes it takes me awhile to get around to it.

BUT I did manage to upload some the other day so here is a glimpse at what we did in there.

I have more to do but it's a start.

Pip cut her second bottom tooth last night. That is also a Very Good Thing as it was causing her a considerable amount of pain. She is also getting up on her hands and knees every chance she gets and managing to move forwards at times. I feel pretty confident that she will be crawling by Feb. 1st.

Alec brought his report card home and he has an A in Literature. His actual number grade in that class was a 99. A 99 people. 1 point from perfect. I could throw a party. Reading has always been the hardest thing about school for him and he has a flippin 99 in Literature. Rock the hell on Ack. You are my hero. But then, you always were anyway.

I took Max to MDO yesterday and then Pip and I went to Target. I was going to get a charging station to keep in our kitchen to hold all of our cell phones and charges and whatnot. I have been meaning to get one since before Christmas but I just never got up there to actually purchase one before the holidays. Anyway I saw it last week on clearance for $20 - marked down from $50 - and I thought - if it's here when I come back next week I'll buy it. So we went up there and I found them and it had been marked down again. It was $7.49. Oh my sweet lord! That was the thrill of my day! Woot! It's the little things sometimes that get you through - you know?

I came home and finally got in touch with the lady who will be doing Acupuncture on me. We had been playing telephone tag for 2 weeks now. She sounds awesome. She's been doing this for 17 years and got into Acupuncture after her best friend got Bell's Palsy. She was pretty knowledgable, very understanding, and hopeful. She said we will give it a good try and that she was going to be working on trying to unblock the neurological pathways in my face. I hope she can. I feel positive about this. Maybe I'll still get my face back yet.


  1. Great job Alec!!!! Both of my sons struggled with reading and that struggle broke for them in the 3rd grade (oddly they both had the same 3rd grade teacher)! Now Nathan, who is 12 and has been diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers, PDD, Depression and ADHD, reads at a 12th grade level. Amazing!

    I LOVE your great buy at Target!!! I wonder if I can find it here too!!! That is the first thing I am going to do tomorrow!

    Melissa Dill Miller

  2. Melissa - I know right?!?! That charging station was on one of those end aisles down toward the houseware/dishes area - maybe it will be close to that same area for you? They had different sizes and in black or white.

    Alec has also been diagnosed as high functioning Aspergers - but we are still reading at a 6th grade level. I'm just thrilled he is on level with his class now.

  3. Kick ass Alec. Good job. :D

    And I am so freaking excited about the acupuncture. You WILL get your face back.

    You will.

    <3 <3